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Phase Two

Your Second step of Qoya Teacher Training

We live in a time of gathering tools and practices to support us in riding the waves of transformation and change with as much wisdom as we can access.  Qoya Inspired Movement is based on the idea that our body is a resource of innate intelligence.  The Intro to Teacher Training offers an introduction to the different pillars that make a Qoya class.  The intention is for you to notice which ones resonate with you and offer support so that you can easily integrate into your daily life.  If these tools and practices inspire you in a way you would like to continue your teacher training to begin practicing offering them to friends and family in the next level of Initiation training. 


Prerequisites: Intro to Qoya Online Training

What you'll learn: Through an 11-hour in person training with supplementary online training, you will learn teaching methods, teach practice classes to friends and family, and most importantly, take video and audio Qoya classes with Rochelle, deepening your understanding of Qoya through your own experience. 


The course includes your live training with a Qoya teacher, 11 audio and video classes to take online, and the Teacher Trainers Manual.

Who you can teach: Practice classes to friends and family for free

Where it's available: Online + In Person

Cost: $777, plus travel, accommodations, and retreat tuition if you attend Initiation training at a Qoya retreat

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“After attending the Kripalu retreat with Rochelle, I felt the call to come home and continue my Qoya journey! It became clear to me during that week that I need to become the change that I wish to see in the world, and Qoya makes me feel more like myself than anything else. I want to share this with other women who I know are longing for the same experience. I loved connecting with all of the other inspiring women who collectively share the same vision, and the times and length of the program were perfect. It allowed for connection, sharing, experiencing, and was a lot of fun! Even if you don't plan on teaching, going deeper into the philosophy and pillars of Qoya is an empowering practice. All things Qoya bring me home to myself. It has healed me on many layers: my relationship with myself, my relationships with other women, my relationship with the world at large.”

Mallory Griffiths | Lancaster, PA

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Online Only

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Online or In Person

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