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Qoya Mama

Honor the cycles and seasons of motherhood

Dear Qoya Community,


These calls are intended to honor the emotions and feelings along the child-bearing continuum as dynamic, multidimensional experiences that, with the appropriate support, can leave us feeling more in our bodies, more in our power, and more able to show up and be in our service to the world.

One of the biggest challenges of our time is the feeling of disconnection—to ourselves, one another, nature, spirit and trust in life. Movement, ritual, nature, and community most consistently and effectively nourish and restore connection for me and many who are called to this work. The things I’ve found most helpful in my own life are the things I commit to sharing, so I invite you to experience these practices through four nourishing group sessions.

From my heart,


These 75-minute Calls Will include:


On each call, we will pull a card and share with a partner what brought them to the call today, as well as engage in group discusssions.

Qoya Inspired Movement

A brief movement practice will invite you to include your body’s wisdom on the topic shared, 

Embodiment Practices

We will explore grounding embodied practices connecting with the healing forces of nature.

Closing Meditation

Closing meditations will help you integrate any insights from the calls into your daily life and leave each call feeling nourished and restored.

informational content

Birth and motherhood experts will share empowering, high-quality information about each weekly topic.


All calls will be recorded, so if you can't make it live, you can watch the replay in your own time.

MONDAY, May 20th | 12:00pm-1:15pm EDT


Whether you're yearning to welcome new life into the world or to birth your creative endeavors, nurturing hormonal health is fundamental to this journey. By prioritizing practices that nourish your body and spirit, and fostering a deep connection with your womb, you can create a fertile environment within yourself for both fertility and creative expression to thrive.

We’ll discuss the basics of how to fill your plate with nourishing foods for optimal hormonal health, and also how reducing stress is an often overlooked key to increasing fertility and creativity. (Reducing stress can reduce symptoms of period pain and pms by up to 75%!) We’ll discuss womb-centric ways to reduce stress: mantras, listening to whispers of the body, cycle-based self-care, and womb meditation.

Facilitated with Jamie Watkins Kagianaris, a menstrual mystic and hormonal health coach who transitioned from a career in television marketing to advocating for women's health after facing her own health challenges with late stage endometriosis. She's currently working on a documentary film exploring natural solutions to the chronic hormonal issues plaguing so many women. Through her courses and one-on-one coaching, Jamie shares hormone-balancing strategies and ancient womb wisdom to help women reclaim the vitality, energy, and vibrant health so they can be the full force they’re meant to be in the world. Learn more at


MONDAY, May 27th | 12:00pm-1:15pm EDT


Join a conversation about pregnancy and birth that frames the process as a powerful act of creation that engages you on every level of your being: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. This offering is for anyone interested in reframing childbirth by exploring a more conscious and holistic approach. 


Facilitated with Élan Vital McAllister - Over the past twenty five years, Élan has helped thousands of expectant families prepare for the birth of their child through her work as a birth doula, community educator & organizer, maternity care consumer advocate and policy expert. She is a featured expert in Ricki Lake’s groundbreaking documentary, The Business of Being Born (2008) and has offered keynote addresses and presentations for many leading maternity care organizations including; Lamaze International, the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services and the Midwives Alliance of North America. Currently, Élan offers private coaching for expectant parents, continuing education for birth workers and is writing a book on conscious birth preparation. She has been a Qoya teacher since 2016 and weaves the practice into all of her offerings. Learn more at


MONDAY, June 3rd | 12:00pm-1:15pm EDT

Post-Partum & Motherhood

Qoya Mama: Postpartum + Motherhood is an invitation to touch the sacred reality of the fourth trimester and beyond. Together in community, we will look at how to honor this gorgeous and essential moment for the Rite of Passage it is by acknowledging that postpartum is forever and the health of humanity is dependent on the health of The Mother. We will explore the critical ingredients for the early postpartum window as well as how to infuse the days, months, and years after birthing anew with that same potent and nourishing energy. 


Facilitated by Leigah Locke, who is a Mother, a wife, and a healing artist. It is through exploring the relationship between our inherent power and our bodies, specifically in times of transition, that her medicine is channeled. Leigah's inner-world work, a personal practice of living truth and being a steward of thriving life, is

 how she humbly shows up in integrity to her outer-world work. Axiom, Leigah and her husband's small business, is the taproot that anchors their family in living and honoring the sanctity of life. Leigah offers hands-on, mother-centered postpartum care, 1:1 personalized coaching that supports the physical // emotional // energetic bodies, as well as facilitates group embodied movement classes!


MONDAY, June 10th | 12:00pm-1:15pm EDT

Grief & Loss

This is a space to honor and offer care and comfort to the tender territory that exploring our relationship to motherhood can take us. There are phases of our grief when we begin to feel open enough to connect with others. This call is for those who would feel nourished by creating space in their mind, body, heart and spirit to honor the grief and loss they have experienced on their personal journey of motherhood. 


Facilitated by Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya Inspired Movement. For the past 13 years, she has passionately devoted herself to creating spaces for those who are inspired to gather to remember what is true for them when they awaken sensation in their body. In that time, hundreds of thousands of Qoya Inspired Movement videos have been enjoyed, tens of thousands of people have attended Qoya classes and hundreds of teachers in twenty different countries have been certified. 


The Feminine Power of Qoya

Focusing on the feminine has always been at the root of our Qoya Inspired Movement practice. I’m inspired to share these words from the Q’ero that talk about what Qoya means to them. 

They shared, “Qoya is the feminine power on the path of balance and connection. The energy of Qoya is that of a sacred compliment, a sacred balance of the divine feminine to the divine masculine. It is a divine calling many receive to work with the power of the feminine to bring balance to the world. When we work with the divine feminine power in Qoya, in these times, we are only the instruments. To nourish the feminine wisdom in each of us, we need to receive the healing power of the feminine from nature. This is the medicine of our time. The energy of Qoya does not ask for rigid perfection. Instead, Qoya requests your sincerity, your presence, and your connection to life. When the divine says ‘be connected,’ you need to be connected hour to hour, day to day, week to week. It is hard work to stay with the sensation of being connected to the earth and spirit. It is not easy to deal with the feminine side and will be challenging for those who are called on this journey. Each person will need great support. You will receive the support you need by staying connected to nature and spirit.”

Are These Calls for you?

These calls are for those who feel the call in their heart to join. You might actively be pregnant or preparing to conceive. You may have just given birth or be grieving pregnancy loss. You might have experiences some of these things in the past and want to revisit those experiences. You might yearn to have some of these experiences in the future and want to explore how being in community would be supportive to that dream. You might not have had or desired to have these experiences and at the same time feel drawn to the call to honor the creative energy in your life in different ways. Like everything in Qoya Inspired Movement, you are invited to dance your relationship to the themes presented. 


Please note, many of the topics addressed are very tender for most of us, and for some of us, touch the most sensitive parts of our psyche, body and soul. These calls are designed to offer a sense of community and connection a shared awareness that invokes the wisdom of your body to guide you on what will be most nourishing to where you find yourself right here and now. We look forward to being in circle with those of you who feel the call.

These calls are an offering of support.
The energy exchange for each call is $33 or $111 for all four. 

Recordings with the grounding mediation, teaching, and embodiment will be shared, however, no group sharing will be recorded or shared. 
  • Qoya Mama - All Four Calls

    Valid for one month

Fertility Recording (from call on 5/20)



Monday, May 27th - Pregnancy



Monday, June 3rd - Postpartum/Motherhood



Monday, June 10 - Grief and Loss



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