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Qoya Teacher Training


“Work is love made visible."

—  Khalil Gibran



Qoya is based on the idea that through movement, we remember.

What do we remember?

The truth of interconnection. Interconnection within ourselves between our mind, body, heart, and spirit. Interconnection outside of ourselves between self, other, spirit, earth, and all living things on this planet. In these transformational times, Qoya is a tool that guides us back to a place of wisdom, reminds us that we are whole beings who are interconnected to all life, and inspires us to emerge with action.

We invite you to explore the paradigm where a teacher doesn't teach you anything you don't already know; rather, a teacher awakens something inside you that you remember.


Qoya teacher training is designed to be a powerful catalyst for your own path of personal growth so that you can hold space for others to remember, honor and embody the physical sensation of truth, creativity, and freedom that lives in each of us.

Image by Dominik Dancs

As you read the words below,
what emerges in your body?

You feel inspired to step into the world offering the practices that have been supportive to you on your path and are committed to doing the inner work that releases inhibition, deepens courage, and activates the confidence to lead from your heart..

You believe a more nourishing way of life is possible than habitual mental exhaustion, negative emotional loops, and reaching for outside fixes to inside jobs. 

You know there's a well of wisdom inside of you and are passionate about sharing the idea that the body is an access point to one's inner wisdom.

You experience deep fulfillment in presence, reveling in the sensation when breath animates your spirit, when you move your body with intention, and when you access brilliant non-linear solutions to navigate your day.

You have moments where you heart your heart ask “Can we heal with joy?” You are inspired to hold space for other people to see if they hear a similar whisper inside themselves.

You cultivate trust that your individual healing creates more space for others to heal. You practice offering compassion to yourself and others. 

You are committed to exploring the inner work required to collectively dismantle systemic injustice and holding a vision in your mind that is aligned with action from your heart that the spaces you will offer are in service to the well-being of All.

You believe in the healing that is possible through moving your body.

Feeling inspired and committed?

Whether you have experience as a dancer or a yoga teacher, are a busy parent, working for a start-up, or have not been moving as much as you wish, are you inspired and committed to integrating movement into your daily lifestyle?

What if your answer was no? Imagine the opposite, saying, “I am not committed to daily movement. I am committed to a sedentary lifestyle with 8-10 hours per day of sitting.” Wherever you find yourself in this moment, many of us are yearning to move our bodies more than we currently do. 


And even if you're resonating with many of these aspects, know that it is normal to also experience resistance. Trust your timing. 


Anytime you need or want to do something, but are having a hard time overcoming your resistance, call on the truth of your embodied lived experience and ask yourself:

“Does a Qoya Inspired Movement class support you in embodying your inner child, wise elder, sensual nature, and authentic creative self? Does your body enjoy being activated, enlivened, and open to the magic of the day more because you've danced? Do you agree that if you keep doing practices that delight you, your habitual resistance will get the download that an investment in your health and happiness is a benefit to everyone around you and every aspect of your life?”

What would a "yes" feel like in your body?

Qoya Inspired Movement
teacher training is for you when:

+ You experience moments of embodied presence that feel sacred.

+ You want to reconnect with your intuition through daily movement.

+ You’re ready to invest more time into the things that nourish you the most.

+ You're committed to your personal healing and the collective healing of this time.

+ You thrive practicing in a community of like-hearted beings.

+ You hold deep respect for each person’s individual journey and wish to create spaces that reflect that regard.

+ You’re ready to reconnect with your intuition.

+ You believe in the healing power of living an embodied life.

+ You honor the interdependence of each being and want to dance in the remembrance of interconnection.



“The Qoya teacher training was one of the most profound experiences I’ve been blessed to have. While the week-long intensive was transformative, I have really begun to feel the transformation during the integration process. It masterfully delivers the most transcendental transmission of each pillar of Qoya in a way that defies time and space.”


“When I discovered Qoya last year, it felt like for the first time in my life, I was able to get out of my head and just be in my body.
 It taught me how to listen to my body and follow my heart more everyday. Since that day, it's like things get more and more into alignment, and I feel in my body that Qoya would now be part of my life forever.I would totally recommend it to people looking for more love and community in their life. I feel like I've founded a whole new family of sisters all over the world, and I can’t wait to share Qoya with my friends and family.”

— Chloe Hermanowicz | Paris, France

“I'm glad I kept listening to the little voice in my heart. The Qoya Teacher Training is exactly what I've needed in my life and to help further my work as a healer in my community. I can use what I learned both in my Qoya practice and also in my daily life.”

— Laura White | Connecticut, USA


“Qoya Teacher Training is a body-centered vision quest inward. It is an opportunity to know yourself in a deeper and unspoken way and for a minute break through the barriers of what form and society have created for us. I love it. I teach it - and hope you will too!”


There are 3 phases to
Qoya Teacher Training:







and you can learn in two ways

As a lifelong student, I love learning and I'm also fascinated by how we learn. The most potent form of learning is when it is embodied and integrated into lived experience. We are most able to learn when we feel safe. From a neuroscience perspective, an indication that we feel safe is when we are engaging in play and in an actively curious state. For some of us, that will be in-person and immersive, and for others, it may be from the comfort of your own home online and broken up into smaller pieces. We offer two ways of completing the Qoya Inspired Movement Teacher Training, each with its own valuable experience.


option one

Self paced
+ immersion

option two

teacher training

Enroll in each of the 3 phases when the timing is right for you.


First, enroll in and complete the self-paced online INTRO Training (Phase 1).


Then, you can fully immerse yourself in the INITIATION (Phase 2) and INTENSIVE (Phase 3) trainings either online or in person when the timing and opportunity are right for you.


Learning this way allows you to attend the trainings when you feel ready, when they fit your schedule, and in a fully immersive way, free from distractions. 

This next iteration of Qoya Inspired Movement Teacher Training is inspired by the importance of titration. Titrating, or taking things step by step in digestible doses, allows for a more gentle and gradual process.


A titrated approach encourages us to compassionately tend to ourselves when we feel overwhelmed or disconnected, which helps us nourish our capacity to absorb and integrate what we are learning.


You are invited to go on a year-long journey of the Qoya Inspired Movement Teacher Training in a titrated way that meets live, online each Tuesday. You are invited and encouraged to attend these live sessions and recordings are also available to revisit as desired. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world to go on this journey side by side together.


Titrated Teacher Training begins on Tuesday, March 12th, 2024(If you enroll after this date, you can catch up via recordings) 

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