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Embodied Presence Consulting

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An Embodied Presence Business Consulting Call is designed for those who are looking to integrate more Embodied Presence into your Business. You might be... • in a more traditional business environment who wants to begin incorporating more earth and body based practices into your life • someone who needs profoundly practical ways to slow down enough to reconnect and care for your body while navigating the faster pace of the modern world • someone who has your own business or sacred work and is looking for guidance on taking the next step in sharing your work and/or evolving your offerings You’ll be asked to fill out a survey before we meet and each session will be designed to meet you where you are and for what you are specifically looking for. I invite you to notice what it feels like in your body to commit to a container of support to hold space for you and your work. For those who feel a YES, I look forward to collaborating in ways that are nourishing and inspiring. Please note that if you are interested in working together more, I also offer a Yearlong Embodied Presence Apprenticeship.

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