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Private Session with Rochelle

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There are times in life where some things are simply too much to hold alone. There are times when we yearn for the presence of another to be seen, heard and supported in a way that we can more easily come back to ourselves. Our bodies are wired to seek this support and also to offer it. This interconnection is as natural as the symbiosis between pollinators, flowers and food growing in our garden. We need one another to express the fullness of our being. I have been practicing healing arts for over 20 years. I began in college with an Interdisciplinary Arts Degree exploring the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of movement. In the last two decades, I have continued my studies in healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, facilitation, mind body connection, somatic studies, nervous system regulation, earth based practices, energetic healing, herbalism, astrology, massage, personal training, birth work and more. My approach is deeply inspired by calling on the healing forces of nature as guides alongside listening to and honoring the voice of the body. In a session, you can expect a beautiful nature offering to be made specifically for your healing and what’s present in your life, a healing session to clear heavy energy, then reconnect and restore one’s flow of life force. You will leave the session with a personalized movement practice to integrate the themes that arose and continue to nourish yourself until the themes addressed are integrated with a sense of embodied presence. My private sessions are deeply immersive. They are designed in a way to be powerful catalysts in your life for healing, clarity and receiving insight that resonates with all of your being: body, mind, heart and soul. The healings I offer are to create nourishing and supportive conditions for the most honest voice of your being to emerge and to support you in tracking your experience to notice when the return of life force energy is flowing again. If you are called to work together, schedule your 2 hour session. Please note you may cancel a session up to 24 hours advance notice before the session is scheduled and reschedule at your convenience. Any missed sessions or canceled sessions with less than 24 hours advance notice will be forfeited. I promise to bring my whole heart, mind, body and soul to our work together. Please be clear about your decision before signing up, as no refunds will be issued.

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